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The Shruth & Smith Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization committed to work towards resolving enduring problems in social, educational and rural sectors that requires sustained effort and determination. We wish to be a part of the revolution that can change the social structure and bring us closer to a world where all people live in dignity. In this direction, we wish to join hands with visionary leaders and many other like-minded organizations in the days to come and scale up this process beyond boundaries.

We do believe that building the human rights movement in civil society and seeding a greener revolution for the agricultural community would uplift the status of our society to a great extent. This can be accomplished by creating and launching public awareness through the global internet and empowering social entrepreneurs to achieve welfare as well as wealth maximization. We intend to support every individual whose daring vision and bold solutions can improve the lives of people.
There are many students from underprivileged & rural background who stand on par with those from urban background and in some cases outperform also. Unfortunately, such students are really not in a position to continue their education due to so many limitations like lack of finance & appropriate guidance. We identify meritorious students from this kind of background and sponsor their future education. We empower them to complete their education up to the level of graduate or post graduate qualification, through tuition fee aids & other financial aids. We are sure, being responsible members of the society; they would extend their hand in providing help, in whatever capacity, to the needy people of society in the future. As they influence the global conversation around human rights, poverty, education, technology and the arts, their work illuminates the issues and regions in which Shruth & Smith Foundation is so deeply invested.
Coming from diverse backgrounds, our thousands of visionary grantees shall share an abiding passion for social justice and equality that underlies the Foundation’s mission. We hope you will spend some time exploring our work and contribute to our cause.

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