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These positive findings do not just apply to demonstration programs or to programs begun in the 1960s
and 1970s. Similar results have emerged from federally funded programs begun in the 1980s and 1990s.
Chicago Child-Parent Centers. Since 1985, the Chicago Child-Parent Centers (CPC) have provided children
from low-income families with preschool and kindergarten programs, continued intervention in early
elementary school, and family support services. The Chicago Longitudinal Study has followed the development
of more than 1,500 children who participated in CPC and has documented positive short- and
long-term social and academic outcomes.51
Children who participated in CPC demonstrated greater cognitive achievement, better social adjustment,
less frequent grade retention, and lower crime rates as adolescents than the control group. In addition, a
cost-benefit analysis revealed a substantial return on the original investment in the form of reduced crime
rates, costs to crime victims, and school remedial services, as well as participants’ increased earnings
capacity by age 21.52 Much of these benefits are attributable to crime prevention (social outcomes). These
results demonstrate the long-term benefits of providing early childhood programs that nurture and care
for the emotional and academic needs of children and families.


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