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Successful preschool programs may differ in some ways, but they all are high quality programs, with
well-trained staff who focus attention on the needs of each of their students. In policy terms, this means
that the programs share the following characteristics:61
• Small group sizes
• A partnership with parents
• A sound curriculum that addresses the needs of the whole child
• High adult-child ratios
• Competitive staff compensation and benefits to attract and retain good staff
• Well-prepared teachers and ongoing professional development
The following sidebar (p. 13) discusses some of these aspects of preschool program quality in greater
detail. In addition to these important program elements, however, the methods of teaching and organizing
student activities are highly influential in the development of social competency. Many child development
experts feel that early childhood programs that employ only didactic methods of instruction may fail
to enhance social and emotional skills.62 This type of instruction does not always provide children with
opportunities to develop problem-solving abilities and may negatively affect their development of social
and emotional skills, which can have long-term consequences for learning.


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