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In India higher education covers all the post-secondary education in different subjects such as humanities,
commerce, medical, engineering and technology. Most of the universities offer multi-disciplinary courses.
However, there are some which are confined to a particular discipline for e.g., technology and medical.

Universities differ in terms of their academic, administrative and financial arrangements. The country is
dominated by state universities, which are 251 in number while a majority share of colleges in India are private
unaided institutions. The number of universities has increased by around 13% in 2007-08, as compared to the
last year. Colleges in India witnessed a growth of over 14% in 2007-08 on a year on year basis. Private unaided
colleges form a significant part of the total number of colleges in India and are growing rapidly in number. Out
of 20,667 colleges, 2,166 colleges are explicitly for women. Besides these colleges, the country also has around
7,000 technical education institutions. By 2015, India is expected to witness a sizeable reduction in the lowest
income earning section of the society, which will be replaced by a much larger urban middle class, creating a
favourable market for the education sector (refer to exhibit 3). Education is the second largest expenditure for
the middle class (refer to exhibit 4). Economic growth is expected to drive household income among the middle
class. These factors – willingness to spend on education and the rise in purchasing power will allow the growing
middle class to bid for an education from public institutes.


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