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Analysis of the past Five Year Plans indicates that, there have been
continuous efforts to strengthen the base by developing infrastructure, improving
the quality through several programs and schemes, introducing reforms in
content and evaluation and encouraging generation of knowledge through
research. The focus of fifth five-year plan was on infrastructure development, the
sixth plan onwards the focus shifted to consolidation and quality improvement.
The Seventh Plan laid emphasis on research and academic developments. It
was from this plan onward that the development centers of excellence and area
study programs got special attention. From the Eighth Plan onward, the need for
differential funding was recognized. Under this plan, it was envisaged that the
developing departments would be provided necessary funds to bring up their
facilities and activities to an optimum level for their teaching and general
research pregrammes. The Ninth Plan aimed at gearing the system of higher
education to meet the challenges arising out of the major social, economic and
technological changes. The focus of Tenth Plan was aimed at quality and
relevance of higher education, research and development, management in
financing and the use of the new information and communication technologies.
The Tenth Plan provided the basis for higher education in the 21st century.




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