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India consists of a large network of more than 17,000 colleges. Out of
them, there are 204 autonomous colleges spread over in 44 universities of
10 States and 1 Union Territory. These colleges form the bedrock of
higher education. They are also the unit of higher education to promote
access, equity, quality, relevance and research. The recommended
measures are:-
– Teachers of autonomous colleges should be treated on par with
those in the Universities.
– Special recognition should be accorded to meritorious autonomous
– Autonomous college be granted degree awarding status.
– Cluster colleges should be created. Clear and well-defined
guidelines should be formulated for these to function.
– The academic council of autonomous colleges must be empowered
to start the undergraduate or postgraduate courses just like the
‘deemed to be universities’.
– Networking of autonomous colleges be done in such way that the
students benefit by credit transfer from one autonomous college to
another autonomous college, for the purpose of conferment of the
degree , so as to enable students’ mobility.
– University Grants Commission should support creation of
specialized schools in the campus.
– A permanent status of autonomy and degree awarding status is
conferred to colleges, which have gone through the experience 15-
20 years of autonomy.
– Special grant for CPE and Autonomous colleges to initiate the
Deemed University status with the aid of and in consultation with
the State Governments.
– Additional grant as second phase of CPE for existing CPE


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