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During the X Five Year Plan, UGC has embarked upon promotion of ICT in a
moderate level by providing UGC INFONET, e-Journal Consortia, e-Content
Development and moving towards e-education among the Universities by
spending over Rs 180 crores. The presence of IT culture and use of e-resources,
creation of e-content/digitization has started appearing in the university
campuses by way of having access to about 4400 e-journals to 100 plus
universities covered under UGC INFONET.
There is a vast amount of untapped wealth of contents with the academics in the
Universities and Colleges across the country, which needs to be preserved in the
digital form for enhancing the wealth of knowledge base, which can be shared
through computer based communication networks. So far, under the aegis of
UGC, INFLIBNET and CEC in collaboration with ERNET, India have made
remarkable contributions in 149 Universities during the X Five Year Plan,
covering all the states, using Broadband LL/SCPC/DAMA/FTDMA/RF Open
Network Architecture. Besides , 100 plus Universities were covered with high
quality e-journals in discipline covering 4443 full text titles.


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