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Involvement of Private Schools

No school without recognition
 Conform to the minimum standards prescribed
All unaided schools to provide free education to at least
25% children from the weaker sections in the
 Costs to be reimbursed – @ per child expenditure
incurred by the State

Protection of the Right

Independent Monitoring of the implementation of the Act is
assigned to the National council of Protection of Child
Rights (NCPCR) the main responsibility of
 Examine and review safeguards for rights under this Act,
recommend measures for effective implementation
 Inquire into complaints relating to child’s right to free and
compulsory education
 Conduct Periodic social Audit of the status of

RTE Implementation Road Map

RTE Implementation Road Map
Establishment of neighbourhood schools      :   3 years

Provision of school infrastructure                  :   3 years
–All weather school buildings
–Head Teacher cum Office room, library
–Toilets, drinking water, kitchen sheds
–Barrier free access
–Playground, fencing, boundary walls

Provision of teachers as per prescribed PTR   :   3 years

Training of untrained teachers                          :   5 years

Quality interventions and other provisions      :   With immediate


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