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Central Legislation through State Governments

State Government ownership is
They are gauging the implications
First Central Act in Education –
unchartered territory for every one


Infrastructure Provision

Every school be equipped with certain minimum
Despite recent investments, huge gaps exist
Government faces a huge challenge of ensuring quality of
infrastructure and its maintenance
Equally a problem for NGO initiatives
Small private schools would also face difficulty
Recognition of NGO and Private Schools depend on
upgrading the infrastructure to meet the RTE norms
Can we afford to push them out altogether? What would
happen to children attending these schools? Should the
government provide supplementary resources?


Provision of Qualified Teachers

Ensuring teacher supply at 1:30 is a huge task
Teacher Pupil ratio to be monitored in every school
More than a million teachers have to appointed
Inadequacy of Institutions for teacher training
Issue of Redeployment and transfer of teachers
 Some states have begun to appoint teachers to schools
 Some are appointing to a Block Cadre with limited scope
for transfer.






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